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Places to Golf

Listed below are names, address and phone numbers to golf courses in Oceana County.

These were taken from a public phone book and may not be accurate, for that I apologize. 

If you would like a business added, please see e-mail contacts for the webmaster address.

Please also report changes to names, addresses, phone numbers or if the business was discontinued.

To link a listing below directly to a business website, please contact the webmaster and arrange payment ($5).

Thank you.

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    • Benona Shores Golf Course
      3410 Scenic Dr -Shelby MI 49455
      (231) 861-2098

    • Colonial Golf Course
      2763 72nd Ave -Hart MI 494200
      (231) 873-8333

    • Driftwood Golf Course
      3902 Washington Rd
      Pentwater, MI 49449

    • Golden Sand Golf Course
      2501 N Wilson Rd -Mears MI 49436
      (231) 873-4909

    • Grand View Golf Course
      5464 S 68th Ave -New Era MI 49446
      (231) 861-6616 or Maintenance Bldg (231) 861-0622

    • Oceana Golf Club
      3333 W Weaver Rd -Shelby MI 49455
      (231) 861-4211 or Maintenance Bldg (231) 861-6696

    • Throughbred Golf Course
      5900 S. Water Rd -Rothbury MI 49452
      (231) 893-4653


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